A Sunday drenched in heavy rains…


What do you do when you can’t write? What do you do when you don’t want to write? What do you when this is because you desperately NEED to write?

You write.

Soh much has happened in the 20 days since I wrote last. And every moment since, I’ve felt like writing. I’ve felt pressured into writing something ‘significant’ but never got to start because I knew that wasn’t the time (Do YOU, reader, ever get that feeling? Of wanting to do something well or not do it at all?); I felt like I just didn’t have my thoughts together yet. Talk about perfect being the enemy of good.

Let’s see.

Terrorism seems to be really on over the past two weeks, as with gun violence in the US of A. It’s a world going potty. Ever imagine why it’s always men going loopy and barbaric and violent? Syria, Bangladesh, Germany, France… the list goes on. The religion of peace trying its best to keep it down. Yes, some of you will fine me politically incorrect but ask those who perpetrated these violent acts; they think they are the only true followers of this religion. So, it doesn’t really matter what we guys think about their religiousness. We’re not pointing the guns at others, they are. That they have the raw material to go ahead with this all is appalling, yes.

Qandeel Baloch, the Pakistani model non-confirmist was killed by her brother because he somehow believed (as do most men) that her sort of actions were bringing dishonour to their family name. The father now wants ‘revenge’ and wants his son to be ‘shot’. Uff, men!

And then, gun violence. And Obama’s speeches on gun control. Put that on a loop. But that won’t be enough to drown out Trump’s calls for sheer constitutional anarchy. Of course, Hillary’s speech was something but I wouldn’t bet on her just yet. It’s interesting how people are asking about how DNC mails got leaked instead of investigating possible punitive measures for wrongdoing and thinking how to right those wrongs.

Back home, Barkha Dutt blew the war bugle at Arnab Goswami when the latter shouted into TV screens about journos who are forwarding Pakistani agenda on the Kashmir issue. It was a generic rant specific enough only to lead us to infer that he may have been talking about Barkha and the likes of her. Surprising as it is for the common man, Barkha was paying attention and did manage, over all the noise Arnab creates, to actually hear what he was saying.

She took it that it was she he was talking about. Barkha Dutt is very important, mind you. Especially to herself. So she ranted out tweets twisting Arnab’s words, and because Arnab didn’t care, he didn’t come back at her. As a result, she refused to “give a toss” about the whole thing and conveyed this in the manner of a looooongish FB post. Then a blog followed in order to keep stirring the pot. Oh, in between, did I mention she got an endorsement from Hafiz Saeed?

Hafiz Saeed who? He’s the chief of a terrorist organisation operating out of Pakistan, and regularly hatches plans for terrorist acts in my country, India. I really hope that while Barkha was busy being so prolific on social media, she took out a moment to thank Saeed on his LinkedIn profile. It’s an endorsement that got Barkha noticed and how!

At the time of writing this, the issue festers. Because Barkha won’t let go. Barkha wants to have her cake and eat it too. She wants to speak against ‘violence’ in the Kashmir Valley without calling it ‘terrorism’ sponsored by the Pakistani state.

She wants to cry for a state whose people (only those inspired by Hurriyat Conference and their ilk, let me be fair) push women and children in the frontlines of a mob pelting stones as well as molotov cocktails so that Indian Army using pellets instead of real guns in the face of REAL THREAT would be deterred on humanitarian grounds. She supports their calls for their Azaadi because of what she’s smoking in her leftist-socialist-intellectual utopia that only knows how to piss on the idea of the very statehood that allows her to call out for Azaadi for people threatening that statehood. This is not very intellectual, actually. It’s definitely not Leftist or Socialist. It’s sheer abuse of the freedom that the statehood affords her.

And now let’s touch what the likes of Barkha sympathise with. The killing of Burhan Wani. The bad boy of Kashmir Valley. The Indian Army neutralised him for conducting terrorist activities and using social media to lure people into joining terrorist groups. He was a terror propagandist, something like social media marketing of terror. That makes him a terrorist. This went on on our TV screens while Kashmiris (those who support separatism and also, terrorism) mourned, protested, and indulged in violence against their own Army.

Intellectuals were bothered that a “boy” – 22 years old at the time of his death – was gunned down by the armed forces. They forget that this boy was a ‘commander’ with Hizbul Mujahideen. They wondered if he should have been killed in such a manner! He picked up arms at the age of 15 by the way; in a parallel universe, he could have picked up studies or tennis or knitting. He went pro a few years ago. Yet, he remained a boy. By those standards, don’t all men? (they want their toys, their place in the team, and will go to any length to protect them). Besides, he was of marriageable age, and old enough to vote.

Ironically, women, even when they become CEOs, are derisively referred to as ‘girls’ and 18 year old Miss Universes dying to lift people out of poverty are called young women.

Coming back to Kashmir, you won’t find so much anger against the rape of young Kashmiri girls and women by army men.

Burhan’s killing was a state goal and the Army’s mission and their duty. Somehow, when a terrorist dies, Kashmir mourns and bleeds. When citizens are raped… An armyman committing a crime versus doing his duty. There’s something very wrong and very twisted here.

As with the rest of my country and its people. A gang of robbers today waylaid a car in which a family was travelling, took them aside, and raped the mother and daughter before taking away their belongings. 12 men raped these two women for 3 hours. This happened in Noida. Again men.

What’s wrong with you men, I wonder. Your concept of honour, love, society, relationships seems seriously dented and damaged. Is it you or is it the society? Wait. You make the society because your word rules. So, it is you, after all. And we women get lost in your maze of untruths and half-truths, compete in a game that’s hardly fair, hardly a game anyway.

I’m going to use a picture of Qandeel with this post. This world is cruel but some of us make it beautiful and worth living.

Dhaka attack not a black swan event


Nor was Turkey, for that matter.

The ISIS has claimed responsibility (some say the ISIS is doing so falsely; talk about appropriating credit in the terror world, a la corporate world).

And countries across the world are decrying the ‘lone wolf’ attacks.

Twitter is abuzz with reactions that range from ‘how could they do this during the holy month of Ramadan’ (terror has no religion, remember?) to ‘prayers for Dhaka’ (how about some action?) to religion-specific hatred (no comments on that; whatever could be said has been said already) to how this was a long time coming (I only want to talk about this, with a few additions to make).

Okay, while most people maintain that terror has no religion, this wave of killings that B’desh has witnessed since 2013, has been branded Islamist killings. It’s not me. Google it.   It’s on Guardian.co.uk, and on USAToday as well.

But, Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina only seems to be concerned about the ‘TIMING’ of the attack. (pic sourced from @NDTV on Twitter)

The wave started after a leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, Abdul Quader Molla was sentenced to life imprisonment by the war crimes tribunal, with a band of secular bloggers and writers protesting against the sentence, saying he should have been given death, and that the party itself should be banned. And that sparked the Jamaat-e-islami bloody backlash.

Because ‘atheists’ have no right to exist. Their existence, for these religionists (I’m going to call them that), is blasphemous. A rogue group called ‘Defenders of Islam’ also published a ‘hit list’ of 84 people, nine of whom have been killed (reportedly) and many others have been attacked.

The government totally rejects any suggestion that ISIS has entered the local scene. Which, if true, is scarier than ever. Especially for India. One neighbour is officially gone rogue. Another on the other side is going rogue. All this terror is a local brew now, as per the Bangladeshi government. Both nations are ruled by power-hungry despots disguised in the cloak of democracy, leaning for support on religious dogma.

If there’s one silver lining emerging from this attack – even if this may sound a bit inappropriate as of today – is that with foreigners (whites – Italians, Japanese, diplomats, etc) being taken hostage, this growing menace in B’desh will get enough attention from the powers that be.

I’m not looking for words today. Just, publishing here a list of people killed/harmed by these religious crusaders:

  1. Asif Mohiuddin: 15 Jan, 2013
  2. Ahmed Rajib Haider: 15 Feb, 2013
  3. Sunnyur Rahaman: 7 March, 2013
  4. Shafiqul Islam: 15 November, 2014
  5. Avijit Roy: 26 February, 2015
  6. Bony Ahmed (wife of Avijit Roy): 26 February, 2015
  7. Oyasiqur Rhaman: 30 March, 2015
  8. Ananta Bijoy Das: 12 May, 2015
  9. Faisal Arefin Dipan: 31 October 2015
  10. Nazimuddin Samad: 6 April 2016
  11. Kunio Hoshi: October 2015
  12. Jogeshwar Roy: 21 February 2016
  13. Rezaul Karim Siddique: 23 April 2016
  14. Xulhaz Mannan: 25 April 2016
  15. Tanya Majumder: 25 April 2016
  16. Nikhil Joarder: April 30, 2016
  17. Mohammad Shahidullah: May 7, 2016
  18. Maung Shue U Chak: 14 May 2016
  19. Mir Sanaur Rahman: May 20, 2016
  20. Saifuzzaman: May 20, 2016
  21. Debesh Chandra Pramanik: May 25, 2016
  22. Ananda Gopal Ganguly: June 7, 2016
  23. Nityaranjan Pande: June 10, 2016
  24. Ripon Chakravarti: 15 June 2016
  25. Gulshan bakery attack: July 1, 2016
  26. Shaymanonda Das: 1 July 2016

The latest update on the standoff is that 13 hostages have been rescued by commandos who stormed the restaurant, killing 6 terrorists and taking 1 alive. The latest from the authorities being this:

Screen Shot tweet-dhaka

I wonder for how long…