Understanding terror


I have loved reading Hussain Zaidi’s books. He is one of India’s finest crime reporters and dare I say best writers of real crime, which is far more interesting and infinitely bloodier than fiction. 

So, I open the day’s Mumbai Mirror to find a byline S Hussain Zaidi drawing my attention to the right side bottom of the page. I find him choosing to open his story with: The head of a 14-member Daesh cell busted by the NIA early on Thursday left his Mumbra house only five times a day to offer prayers at the nearby Masjide Arqam. 

‘For the rest of the time, he would be glued to his laptop and three mobile phones, chatting up with disgruntled youth in cities as far as Ahmedabad and Hyderabad’… And so on its goes. The story is the same. Like every other story. 

The parents had no clue. The neighbours didn’t either. Nor the wives. Or sometimes the wives did. Whatever. It’s the same story. So, perhaps, Zaidi, in looking for an interesting opening, chose to tell us about the praying habits of Mr.Mudabbir. Something personal about this man that could be said without a doubt (Mr.Zaidi’s representation of facts is well respected). 

Inadvertently though he may have, but he certainly has drawn attention to something significant. 

Since I hear all our leaders and all our litterati and glitterati and twitterati, also the present illuminati shout from the rooftops that terror has no religion, I take exception to Mr. Zaidi’s style (sic) of reporting. 

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