Biharis keep the baharis where they belong – out


I haven’t, since Dadri lynching incident, spoken a word on the subject of tolerance (intolerance, rather) and no, am not trying to point out what Mr. Modi and I have in common, besides the fact that we are both vegetarians and Gujaratis.

Awards have been returned (are still being returned – the bandwagon increasing), silly comments posted, liked, trolled, and the media has been denounced roundly, whichever way it has acted. Sahitya Akademi too has spoken. But so has Chetan Bhagat. SO much has happened since then. Anupam Kher took a rally to the PM’s doorstep, and declared, like a swashbuckling hero, that nobody has the right to call our country intolerant. Intolerant or otherwise, whether a suddenly and selectively conscionable Anupam Kher thinks someone has the right to do something or not in a democracy, I really like what the voters said in Bihar today. They spoke louder than all the intelligentsia put together over the last few weeks.

It is perhaps really hard to understand where all the political astuteness of our PM, on the back of which he became our PM, is gone. He was once a vocal citizen of our country. He is now a mute RSS apologist, a frequent traveller, a man who speaks his ‘mann ki baat’ only on the politically correct field of AIR, and whose real ‘mann ki baat’ is becoming more and more suspect as he chooses silence over the sheer rabble-rousing his affiliates are indulging in with impunity.

I don’t know if the Bihari voter reacted to the rising irrationality of COW PE CHARCHA and other such beef, in preferring “chaos and jungle raaj” (as Lalu Yadav comeback is thought to imply) over the sheer echo of voices denouncing the ‘rising intolerance’. I don’t know if the Bihari was swayed by the Bihari vs Bahari calculation and decided that Bihari + Bihari is what added up to the right answer. Finally, I don’t know if it was Nitish’s work and focus on “development” as is seen as “development”, for migration has not come down, nor has crime. However, the message, as it goes out to the BJP, is important.

Found this on FB, by Sify

Found this on FB, by Sify

That Mr. Modi, Amit Shah cannot influence all the people all the time.

Mr. Modi, you are PM of a country, not a CM candidate.

Mr. Modi, you are listening to the wrong kinds of people who say it’s okay as a PM to make the comments you have been making, also the comments that you have NOT BEEN MAKING.

Mr. Modi, pulse of the state could become pulse of the nation.

Mr. Modi, democracy is beautiful. Let’s preserve it. While a certain Yogi has the right to say what he wants, he does not have the right to spread hatred (i.e. convey his opinion in a manner that is damaging to a certain group of people). While you are the PM running this country, the buck stops with you. You are answerable to each one of us.

And finally, a few questions: why does a destructive character such as Yogi Adityanath get to call himself a YOGI anything? Would any yogi worth his name occupy himself spreading hatred about a blamelessly entertaining SRK? Why doesn’t the hallowed press literally mute this title of his?

Also, now that Laloo is back holding the remote control to the sarkar in Bihar, are we ready to see a rise in the levels of gundagiri and chamchagiri? The next five years will tell what all Bihar paid with in order to keep the BJP out of power. I hope it is not security, economic progress, and social stability. Meanwhile, i shall remember this Laloo-ism: Hum king nahin, hum hain kingmaker

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