Why India will never be a superpower… and Multiplex madness


Inside Out is a 3-D animation movie, I found myself repeating to my fellow moviegoers, whose are past 50% of what we call the average Indian life expectancy.
This age group has certainly not warmed up to the animation genre somehow. Or so I believed, until I saw the hall was packed to full capacity. And while a majority of them were adults, those who had little children young enough to have cartoons as their main source of home entertainment were certainly in minority. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes.
This can’t be the same lot that dances to Salman Khan’s tunes and watches every inane movie he decides to take his shirt off in. I know I sound like a judgemental little thing but frankly, that IS the point. Change is here. People ARE paying, and happily so, for a 3-D animation movie based on a lot of psychobabble, no love story, no fairies or magic, and a script written for adults!
However, that’s about the audience though.

In general, we Indians remain as we were – cheap, downright unprofessional, and fairly frequently, unethical even. As people turned up in droves turned up for the show, we discovered that the 3-D glasses were not wrapped in their individual wrapping, but were lying pell mell in a cardboard box, fingerprints on them all, not even sterilised since their last use. Ask the assistant and he assures you he has paper tissues to wipe them with. Tell him we need them disinfected and he says they’ve run out of the disinfectant. Press him to make a sanitizer available and he asks you to talk to the manager.
Talk to the manager and the same story repeats itself

This guy could be in my head right now as I think about the management at Big Cinemas, R-City, Ghatkopar, Mumbai

This guy could be in my head right now as I think about the management at Big Cinemas, R-City, Ghatkopar, Mumbai

. The movie begins. You figure out that you’ll miss the movie. So you fish out your own hand sanitizer and do the job with their tissues. You settle down to watch the movie and expect to forget it all. Several people raise the matter. The sanitizer doesn’t come. Threats are exchanged, so are looks, but finally, everyone gets behind those glasses, quietly.
The multiplex doesn’t care that they’re not giving their filmgoers what they need, and in the condition they deserve it. The moviegoers make a small ruckus and then fall in line.
The show goes on.
The vendors are too used to stealing.
The customers are too used to adjusting to all that while the others are stealing from them.

As for the movie itself, it was totally worth using own sanitiser and forgetting the scrap for the duration of the movie and watching it, start to finish, keenly. Super entertaining and simply a mad idea put across beautifully. Starring emotions! That should say it all.

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