Could you JUST stop by a minute?


JUST a moment, please!
I just thought it would be nice to let you know…
I don’t think this sounds right – although I was just checking…
Could you just listen to me for a minute?
Or, I could just finish review tomorrow?
I am swamped but maybe I should just take this as priority…

Yes, I’ve used this word often at work. And yes, this is unlike many men I know.
A harmless looking four-letter word, that is entirely expendable (and it should be expended from use henceforth). This Business Insider article JUST opened my eyes 🙂

To all my working women readers and non-working women readers, don’t hesitate to do your duty and JUSTify it with such diffident politeness. Men expect work, favours, privileges. Women apologise for them. Well, mostly.

Take a look at this link – Business Insider article

Have a fun work day, JUST remember to be strong!

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