Time to keep raging on… and on… Mr. Katju. No sweet woman, this!


I wouldn’t have thought retd. Justice Markandey Katju capable of humour even though he has made me chuckle once – remember the comment “99% of Indians are foolish”! – unwittingly, I know. Facts are facts, if they make you laugh, even better.

So, last week, his blog said, “I suggest we make Katrina Kaif the next President of India,  but on condition, that she sings ‘ Sheela ki Jawaani’ on her Inaugural ! (sic).”

Ironically, and this I mean it, his blog is named Satyam Bruyat – which in Sanskrit means, truthful words, or that truthful speech. Am I the only one who wonders if Sanskrit has become like the totem for the self-proclaimed intellectuals for saying that “they’ve arrived”? A majority of our state and governmental logos are in Sanskrit. Notice how those who know the ancient, obsolete, and vestigial-as-human-tailbone language don’t miss a single opportunity to show off their ability to parrot sayings in Sanskrit that are at best pithy in another language and at worst, just a repetition! They seem to walk a bit higher than the rest – Oh I know how to say “Dude, I got screwed” in Sanskrit, I must be quite something! You see, if Mr. Katju called his blog Truthful Sayings, yeah no one would read it.

The inflated esteem for Sanskrit as “the mother of all tongues” and such that we Indians have derives from a sad, desolate nostalgia and nothing but. Yes, preserve it if it interests you, love it if you must, but to put it on a higher pedestal without rhyme or reason is exactly why the term “Sanskritisation” was and had to be invented. But, more about Sanskrit in another blog.

And this week, some more respect oozing from Mr. Katju’s pen for The Second Sex.

Allow me to reproduce his latest gem in full:

To all you unmarried young men my advice to you is : get married.
 Marriage is a great institution. You get love ( and all that it entails ), companionship and friendship. There is someone to greet you and prepare a cup of tea for you when you get home after a hard day’s work, someone to talk to, someone to take care of you when you are unwell, someone to prepare good food for you, and someone with whom to share your thoughts, worries, and aspirations.
 Women are beautiful and wonderful people. Of course not all of them. So you must do a background check about the nature of your future life partner. In my opinion the nature of the young lady is more important than her looks. I know of some very beautiful women who had a terrible nature, and made their husbands’ lives hell. On the other hand, I know of many plain or even ugly looking women who had a such a good and kind nature that they made their husbands’ lives heaven. So check up from some people about her nature before you marry her.
 You should also check up about her academic qualifications and work experience. This is important because in these days of high prices it may be necessary to have a working and earning wife, because your own income may not suffice for two persons and for the coming child or children ( don’t have more than two as you may not be able to afford it ).
 Give the young lady respect, be kind to her,and take care of her, and in return she will make your life full of joy.
 But remember a shloka in Sanskrit about the nature of many women :
 ” क्षडें रुष्टा क्षडें तुष्टा रुष्टा  तुष्टा क्षडें क्षडें “
” A woman is angry at one moment, happy at the next, angry again the moment thereafter, and happy again the next “
 So from my own experience of marriage ( and I have been married for over 44 years ), the way to handle your lady is to become mum when she enraged ( Chandi charh jai ), and wait till she is cool again. Thereafter you will find her very sweet and full of affection for you !
 Hari Om

I understand Mr. Katju’s viewpoint. Yes, sir, you made quite a selling pitch there. But you see, the goods are damaged.
Today, women are opening their eyes to the fact that the “all that love entails” part is as much a facade as it is a promise, and what’s more, it’s hardly a good bargain. After all, we are inching towards an open market economy nowadays, and I’m sure the older generation that you belong to is already alarmed. And which is why, the selling pitch.
Today’s woman knows that marriage means she must be independent (i.e. not just a housewife and pull her financial weight) if she is to get even a modicum of respect in the family. She also must cook and look after domestic work if she has to earn even a modicum of peace in her life. Which is why you’ll see more and more women “making lives of good men” hell by telling them to make themselves count and to lend a helping hand.
Love, and blessings of the in-laws, and “social safety” are not enough.
The “satya” part of your blog should validate itself by making the same pitch to women – in a marriage, both parties are equal (no Indian law says it of course, but while we’re romanticising marriage, why not go the whole hog) – and see if women are willing to take it up.
Finally, Mrs. Katju, I feel sorry.

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