The beauty of Baba’s 2K crore empire and other ideas


I chuckled at the lead – yoga for inner peace and FMCG for external beauty – of this news story published by The Times of India on Jan13. Page 1 news. The spot is deserved too when the Baba, who already owns an Island somewhere, who dazzled everybody with his political aspirations, which he cast off in a hurry as he donned a woman’s garb while running away from a protest sit-in in order to escape “alleged” lathicharge, shows his mettle as an entrepreneur and accumulates Rs. 2,000 crore in FMCG goods!

I chuckled also because I had just, the day before, invested Rs. 60 in his vast empire. I’d bought multani mitti, known as Fuller’s Earth by Patanjali, Baba’s brand. I think his yoga a fraud and I basically think him to be an empty human being while being full of opportunism but even then, I wanted to keep some faith in his ‘ayurvedic’ products. That’s because there’s still such a thing as labelling. And since I don’t buy into the “because you’re worth it” brand of beauty anymore, I do believe in “dadima ke nuskhe”. One of which was the use of multani mitti to keep your face clean, oil-free, and well… women!

But well, look what I found – the base material for the said pack contains aqua, pack base, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Parben (misspelt), Sugandha Dravya (QS). No idea what the aqua pack base contains. No idea what is Sugandha Dravya – it does tell me that this is probably fragrance but then… since when do you need multani mitti to smell like roses? It has a beautiful earthy smell of its own!

Also, since the mg-wise classification says: Fuller earth, 150 mg, mixed clay, 50 mg, and aloe vera, 400 mg per every gram, I don’t think any of the products are such that would require any sugandha dravya. You see, after all, of the 1000 mg of this pack, only 150 mg is Fuller’s Earth. The labelling says Patanjali Multani Mitti, with Mineral Clay and Aloe Vera.

Going by the pack constitution, aloe vera seems to be the principal ingredient, followed by the pack base, which could be anything at all… finally the Fuller’s Earth and then the mineral clay.

So, verdict? Not natural. Preservatives that are known carcinogens. Certainly not good. Not ayurvedic either. Ayurveda would tell you to stay away from parabens even if it meant never using any face pack for the rest of your life. And that’s what I’m gonna do. My 60 bucks is down the drain.

But, my 295 bucks aren’t. Recently came across this amazing book by Dr. Nirmala Shetty – Beauty At Your Fingertips. This amazing lady asks, “Would you eat the ingredients listed in your creams and lotions? Why would you feed the skin what the stomach would refuse?” I know, right? Exactly.

I love this book. Finally, someone who makes sense, and doesn't play with people's (women's) insecurities. No magic formulae, no empty promises. This works because nothing else does.

I love this book. Finally, someone who makes sense, and doesn’t play with people’s (women’s) insecurities. No magic formulae, no empty promises. This works because nothing else does.

Well, so, I am on my way to becoming my personal druid, beginning to mix potions and brew my own kinda beauty.

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