Saif Ali Khan on Love Jihad – inspiring!


After seeing Saif Ali Khan as Langda Tyagi in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara, I believed it impossible for me to like him more for anything else he would do in future. That changed today. With his article in The Indian Express on a particularly sensitive topic these days in Indian polity – the Love Jihad. That too around the time it has come to be known that the Meerut Love Jihad was most probably a fake one. As if that’s not enough, there are allegations that a certain BJP man had some role to play in it. All that promises to unfold during investigations that I am sure will be carried out… coming back to Saif’s work, I think his comment tops any role he may ever have played. 

What’s even better is that you can see it reflect in his life as well.

You know he has thought this through with:

Excerpts: “What is religion? What is faith? Does a perfect definition exist? I don’t know. But I know doubt. I’m intrigued by the politics of doubt. Doubt gives us faith. Doubt keeps us questioning what keeps us alive. If we become sure of something, then there is a danger of becoming fanatical.”

Forthright –

“As I grew older, I saw religion twisted and used so badly by men that I distanced myself from all man-made religion. I choose to be as spiritual as I can be.”

Keeping it real –

A major concern in today’s India is that we keep deleting our past. To say Muslims don’t have a role in India is denying their importance and contribution. It is like saying women don’t have a part to play in India.

You can’t but nod…

It is sad that too much importance is given to religion, and not enough to humanity and love.

nod again…

I think we should have one law for all Indians, a uniform civil code, and we should all think of ourselves as one nation. All our religions must come later and be by the way. Teach our children about god and his thousand names, but first we must teach them respect and love of their fellow man. That is more important.

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