Ivory & Ebony


Moments of pure pleasure are so rare! This afternoon was such a one. Got back from piano class with a smile plastered on my face. I wanted to tell anyone ready to lend me an ear that today I finally managed to play a couple of phrases of a melody that had been the cause of itching between my fingers for weeks. Finally, I’ve done it.

I love music. I love it because every time I take a step further – a baby step further – I experience this pure joy of achievement. I don’t ever fail to recall something truly beautiful my music teacher, my Guru Shrimati Viraj Amar had taught me in the early throes of my musical journey – “You’ll find music,” she used to say, “not in the notes you strike but in exploring the relationship between these notes”. This understanding was the deep chasm between my delivery and her renditions.

It all came back to me again most acutely this afternoon. I found music in the relationship between these notes and something more. Deep joy and exhilaration, a place to get lost in, a melody and harmony with my self.

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